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Windows: Size. Windows: Shading Ventilation and Air Condition. Natural Ventilation. Filtering Vehicle Repair Shops Types of Office Space. Systems. Typology Type of Rooflight and Construction Travelators and Lifts in Construction Transparent Roofs and Canopies. Shops. Toughened (Tempered) Glass. Laminated Glass Thermal Insulation. Types of Construction Thermal Insulation. Terminology and Mechanisms The Eye: perception. Interpretation Tensile and Inflatable Structures. Cable Net Structures Suspended and Tensioned Structures. Space Frames: Principles Summertime Thermal Insulation. The Daylight Factor Storage Space. Utility Rooms. Pantries, Larders Stepped Housing. Building for Disabled People Standard Numbering System. Building measurements. Standard measurements Stairs. Wet Rooms and Bathrooms. Guidelines for Road Noise Shielding Space Frames: Application. Multistorey Structures Sound Insulation. Light Sound-damping Construction Sound Damping. Plant Rooms. Air Conditioning Systems For Large Offices Sound Conduction Through Structures Solar Architecture. Components. Use of Solar Energy Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems. Arrangement and Sizing of Smoke and Heat Vents Securing Embankments. Garden Enclosures Schools. Library, Media Centre and Central Amenities Room Acoustic. Requirements for Rooms Roof Structures. Roof Covering Roof Slopes and Flat Roofs. Essential Detail Points Roof Gardens. History. Roof Construction Ramps and Spiral Staircases. Escalators Protection from Lightning. Aerials Projection of the Solar Path. Position of the Sun: Shadows, Methods Employed Private Swimming Pools. Houses: Porches and Entrance Halls Private Swimming Pools. Construction Considerations Principles of Typology 1980s-1990s Principles of Typology 1950s-1960s/70s Primary Schools. Open-plan. Further Education Colleges Plastics. Classification of Plastic Products for Building Construction Pergolas, Paths, Steps, Retaining Walls. Earthwork Other Types of Glass. Glass Blocks Origins of transportation systems in buildings Old Peoples Accommodation Office Buildings. Skyscrapers. Structural Engineering for Skyscrapers Office Buildings. Organisation of Plan. High-rise Buildings Office Building. Principles. Office Work Modular System. Geometric Considerations. Modular Arrangements in Building Practice Meteorological Features. Physical Basis of Radiation Means of Escape from Fire Means of Escape from Buldings other then Dwellings Masonry. Natural Stone. Bricks and Blocks Maintenance and Restoration. Examples of solutions Loft Windows. Windows: Construction. Windows: Cleaning Light Redirection (Light from the Side) Lifts for Offices, Banks, Hotels etc. and Hospital Bed Lift. Hydraulic Lifts Libraries. Suitability of Common Structural Grids for Fundamental Library Function Libraries. Science Libraries Libraries. Floor Area Calculation for Double-sided Shelving Laboratories. Lab Workstation. Ventilation Interior circulation. Introduction House Dividing Walls. Impact Sound Insulation Horizontal and Vertical Escape Routes High-pressure Air Conditioning Systems. Air Conditioning Convectors Heating: Oil Storage Tanks Heating. Remote heating systems Global Radiation. Passive and Active Solar Systems Glazed Arcades. Typology. Historic Examples Glass. Double/Triple Glazing. Solar Control Double Glazing Gas Heating Systems Gardens: use of Rainwater. Garden Swimming Pools Gardens: Trees and Hedges. Garden Ponds Garden: Planting Methods. Banked and Raised Beds Garage/Warehouse Doors. Locking Systems Foundations, Excavation, Trenches. Surveying, site investigation, appraisal Forms of Lighting for Internal Areas. Geometry of Lighting Arrangements Fluorescent Tubes for Advertising Displays. Transparent and Translucent Materials Flat Roofs. Cold Roof Construction Fire-resistant Glass. Skylights and Dome Rooflights Fire Spread. Internal Fire Spread (Surface). External Fire Spread Fire Protection: Water Cooling. Fire Resistance of Steel Structural Elements Fire Protection: Glazing. Door Glazing Fire Protection: Closures and Glazing Fire detectors. Factors Influencing Detector Positions and Numbers Extract from Guidelines of the Roof Garden Association Extinguisher Systems. Sprinkler Systems. Extinguisher Water Pipelines Effects of Information Technology and Office Automation Earthworks and Foundation Structures. Methods to Improve the Load-bearing Capacity of the Site Earthworks and Foundation Structure Doors: Internal. Doors: Size and Frames. Revolving and Slinding Doors Dining Areas. Bedrooms. Bed Positions Determination of the Sunshine on Structures Department Stores and Supermarkets. Workshops: Woodworking Daylight in Internal Areas with Light from above. Rooflighting Cooling and Refrigeration of Poultry and Game. Room Cooling, General Cold Storage Rooms. Meat Cooling and Refrigeration Chimneys and Flues. Ventilation Ducting Child Daycare Centres. Playgrounds Calculations: Workstations With Computer Calculations: Space for Furniture. Calculations: Archive Space Calculations: Floor Area Requirements Calculations: Building Technology. Calculations: Division of Space Building for Disabled People. Houses and Apartments Building for Disabled People. Conversions Brightness, Window Sizes and Visual Links Blast-resistant, Fire-resistant and Structural Glazing Bathroom. Cubicles. Location Basic Measurements. Unified distances between axes for factory and industrial premises and accommodation Banks and Building Societies. Safes and Strongrooms Banks and Building Societies. General Requirements Balconies. Access Corridors/decks Astronomical Fundamentals: Position of the Sun. Solar Position Diagrams Air Cooling. Washing, Humidifying, Evaporative Cooling - Studedu - 2022-2024 year. The material is provided for informational and educational purposes. | Privacy Policy
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